Fire Pouches (CR 9)

A huge fire roars in the hearth.

Type: magical; Perception DC 33; Disable Device DC 33

Trigger touch; Reset none


A DC 20 Perception check reveal a few flame-proof pouches hanging behind the fire. The fire is so hot, that anyone within 10′ takes 1d4 damage per round, and anyone actually in the fire takes 2d6 damage, and catches on fire, doing an additional 1d6 fire damage per round until a standard action is used to extinguish. Getting each pouch takes a standard action, and requires a DC 22 Sleight of Hand check to untangle the pouch from the hook, and a DC 27 Fortitude Save to hang on to the pouch. If the pouch is dropped, it can be fished from the flames as a full round action. However, if the fire is extinguished, the entire room is engulfed in flame for 1 round. Flame (16d6 fire damage, DC 27 Reflex for half damage, and those that fail their save take 4d6 fire damage per round until the flames are extinguished, which requires a full round action and a DC 20 Reflex Save); multiple targets (all targets in room) The pouches are magical. They are permanently enchanted with fire resistance, anything placed inside is immune to fire damage. They can each hold 100gp, or 10 gems.

Fire Storm

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