Tilting Hallway (CR 5)

The sides of this hallway are covered in hooked, barbed spikes.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 22; Disable Device DC 22

Trigger touch; Reset none


When the far door is opened, the hallway, hinged at the door, falls, turning into a vertical shaft. Hallway (DC 22 Reflex Save or fall. Falling characters may hit the spikes. For every 10′ fallen, make a +8 melee vs. AC. On a successful hit, the spike does 1d6 damage and 1 bleed damage. If struck, spike makes a +18 vs. CMD. If successful, target is grappled and left hanging, requiring a CMB check with a DC of 28 to free oneself. The hallway is 60′ long); multiple targets (all targets in hallway)

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