Whoa.. Wrong Size (CR 7)

The sturdy door is locked.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 19; Disable Device DC 21

Trigger touch; Reset none


When the door is opened, the targets feet are secured via metal loops, and then the section of floor he is on rotates 180 degrees, and then the loops are opened, dropping the target into a pile of pillows. However, if the target is taller than 3’… Wrong Size (DC 22 Reflex Save or target is immobilized, as the floor flips 180 degrees and drops targets into a small pit full of pillows. If target is taller than 3′, target must make a DC 24 Acrobatics check, or is slammed into the floor, taking 3d6 damage and is dazed for 1 round, and must also make a DC 18 Strength check, or takes an additional 6d6 damage and suffers -8 to Dex based rolls as target’s ankles are broken. Target cannot walk until all damage from the failed Strength check is healed. Once that damage is healed, the Dex penalty goes away.

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