Holy Water Fountain (CR 5)

A fountain of water is before you, spraying out from a center column. The basin is full of gold coins. There is a small inscription on the lip.

Type: magical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 29

Trigger touch; Reset none


The inscription reads “Health above greed”. If the target touches the gold coins, he is changed into a shadow, which is not being showered with holy water from the fountain. Fountain (DC 21 Will Save or target becomes a shadow, as the physical body drops to the water. The shadow is tethered to the body and cannot move unless the coin is removed from the comatose body’s hand. Removing the coin cannot be done by the shadow, it must be done by another physical being. The shadow returns to the body in 7 hours, or when reduced to 0 or fewer HP. If the shadow is killed, it returns to the body immediately, and the target has -1 HP and the dying condition. While a shadow, the target has the same Hit Dice and hit points as the character, but otherwise acts as a shadow, but does not have the create spawn ability. While in the fountain the shadow takes 4d6 holy damage per round.)

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