Tar and Feather Chest (CR 7)

A chest sits in the middle of this otherwise empty vault.

Type: magical; Perception DC 31; Disable Device DC 31

Trigger touch; Reset none


When the chest is touched, the entire floor turns to hot tar, and feathers fall from the ceiling. Tar and Feather Chest (5d6 fire damage, plus DC 24 Reflex save or target also becomes entangled. Target can escape with a successful DC 24 Reflex Save, Strength check or Escape Artist check. Creatures that start turn in tar take 2d6 damage and must make the DC 24 Reflex Save to avoid entanglement. Once out, it requires 2 full rounds to remove the tar and feathers. During this time, the target still takes 2d6 damage per round until the effect ends in 11 rounds); multiple targets (all targets within 20′ of chest)

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