Anti-Magic Strobe Bridge (CR 10)

A bridge crosses a 100 foot deep chasm, while a disco-style strobe light hangs down over the middle of the bridge.

Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device DC 34

Trigger proximity; Reset none


The bridge is 110 feet long and alternates with 10′ sections of stone and 10′ sections of force, starting with stone, alternating with force, and ending with stone. The strobe light makes a complete cycle in 1 round, emitting an anti-magic ray as it does so. Any target caught in the anti-magic ray not only has any magical effect temporarily nullified for 1 round, but the sections of the bridge made from force also disappear. To avoid falling, the target must make a DC 27 Reflex Save while crossing the bridge, or specifically jump from stone to stone, which requires a DC 27 Perception check, followed by a DC 15 Jump check for each jump. Falling causes 10d6 damage.

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