Crossbow Winch (CR 5)

The tower wall appears very smooth.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 22; Disable Device DC 22

Trigger proximity; Reset repair


A crossbow bolt fires from the top of the tower, driving itself deep into the target. An attached rope, connected to a mechanical winch lifts the target to the top of the tower. Bolt (+12 ranged melee for 1d8 damage. On a successful hit, the rope pulls the target upwards at a rate of 10ftr per round. Each round being pulled causes 1d4 damage. Each round, the arrow makes a +12 CMB attack vs. the target. If it succeeds, the target remains attached to the arrow, if it fails, the arrow comes out, dropping the target. The target can also free itself with a successful DC 22 CMB check. A DC 22 Reflex Save is required to grab the rope when falling.)

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