Flaming Doorway (CR 6)

Several barrels of water are in the corner of this small room.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 22; Disable Device DC 19

Trigger location; Reset none


Shortly after a target enters the room, the doorway bursts into flames, quickly filling the area with smoke. The barrels seem to be filled with water, but are actually filled with fluid that explodes on contact with flames, which also causes the other barrels to explode. The liquid can be identified as not water with a DC 23 Alchemy check. Flaming Doorway (DC 22 Fortitude Save each round or gain suffocation condition, if barrel used, the flames go out, but it does 10d6 damage, DC 22 Reflex for half); multiple targets (everyone in barrel room) Anyone going through the flaming doorway takes 2d12 fire damage.

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