Mountain of Pellets (CR 7)

An avalanche of pellets comes rolling down the hall, towards a hole in the floor!

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 23; Disable Device 24

Trigger location; Reset Repair


The pellets roll down the hall at 40′ per round and are size large. Pellets (anyone in same square as pellets takes 1d10 damage per round. Pellets attack at +22 CMB and grapple the target(s). Grappled targets move with the pellets, requiring a DC 32 Escape Artist or CMD check to escape. Once the pellets reach the hole they fall in, dealing an additional 1d10 damage to trapped targets. They heat up on the bottom for one round, dealing and additional 1d6 fire damage, then fire explosively out of the hole, dealing 4d10 additional damage to each grappled target); multiple targets (all targets in 10′ square)

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