Barrel and Collapsing Floor (CR 3 or CR 5)

A barrel plummets towards you from above.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 22; Disable Device 23

Trigger location; Reset none


The barrel falls from the ceiling. Barrel (DC 19 Reflex save or take 1d6 damage). If the reflex save succeeds, the barrel instead strikes the floor, collapsing it into an acid pit. Collapsing Floor (DC 22 Reflex save or fall 20′ into an acid pit. While in pit, targets take 1d6 acid damage per round. While in the space between pit and floor, targets take 1d2 acid damage per round. This damage extends to objects, such as ropes and chains used to help characters escape. The walls are 20′ to the floor, and require a DC 25 Climb check to ascend.) multiple targets (all targets within 20′ of barrel impact)

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