Milk and Cookies (CR 5)

Smoke wafts into the room from a roaring hearth. A plate of cookies and a glass of milk sits on a small table near a leather chair.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 21; Disable Device 22

Trigger location; Reset None


The smoke from the fire is toxic. Everyone must make a DC 18 Fortitude Save or fall unconscious in 1d4+1 rounds. Each round thereafter, they must make another DC 18 Fortitude Save or lose 1 point of Con. Once unconscious, the only way to be woken and stop losing Con is to partake of the milk and cookies, which will neutralize the poison effect and let the PC regain consciousness. However, if a PC partakes of either the milk or cookies while conscious, they must make a DC 16 Will Save or lose 1d6 Wis. Ability loss is permanent.

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