Deglove (CR 5)

The wall in front of you has a glass covered inset in the middle. Inside is a knob that looks like it can be turned. A small opening is in the front of the glass. A glove is fitted into the opening, and it looks like, if worn, the glove would reach the knob.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 24; Disable Device 24

Trigger location; Reset Auto


Turning the knob causes the wall to slide open. The inside of the box is filled with an acid mist that deals 1d6 damage per round. The glove protects the hand from the mist. However, if the glove is put on, once the knob is turned, little hooks appear and the glove is yanked off, degloving the fingers and exposing them to the acid. Deglove (1d6 Dex damage plus 2d6 acid damage plus 2 bleed damage, DC 22 Reflex Save for half of each type of damage)

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