Trick or Treat (CR 4)

Two doors are at the end of the hallway. One is labelled “Trick” and the other is labelled “Treat”.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 24; Disable Device –

Trigger location; Reset Auto


If the trick door is opened, it appears to be a long hallway. This is an illusion (DC 14 Will Save to disbelieve) and is actually just a wall. The treat door opens up to a long, wet, rough stone hallway. A DC 20 Perception check will reveal that the floor and ceiling, just inside the doorframe, appear to have teeth. If anyone walks in, the doorframe closes, biting the PC. Treat (+16 melee attack for 3d6 damage, on successful hit, character is engulfed, and must cause 60 hp of damage to the inside of the beast (AC 5) to escape. The PC takes 2d6 damage per round while trapped inside)

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