Stripped Screws (CR 7)

The door seems secured with several screws.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 27; Disable Device 29

Trigger touch; Reset None


Each screw is actually a small valve that just appears to be a stripped screw. The screw can be turned with a DC 12 Dungeoneering or Engineering check. However, once this happens, poison gas leaks in from the next room, which requires a DC 27 Perception check to notice. After 1 round, everyone in the room needs to make a DC 12 Fortitude Save or gained the sickened condition. 1d4 rounds later, A DC 15 Fortitude Save is required or characters are knocked unconscious; a new check is made each round for conscious characters. Each round after being knocked unconscious, a DC 18 Fortitude Save must be made or the character loses 1d3 Constitution.

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