Yes my Leech (CR 6 + CR4)

This is another guest entry from Brian Wiborg Mønster, submitted on Adventure-a-Week.

This stone corridor looks like so many that have come before you.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 25; Disable Device 20

Trigger location; Reset automatic


A 10’ by 10’ piece of the floor swings open and closes after swallowing up any characters standing on it, (DC 22 Reflex save to avoid falling in). It starts with a 30’ steep slope covered in razor-sharp protrusions, the protrusions will deal one hit per 10ft fallen (3 hits at +14 that deals 2D6 + 1 bleed, the bleed damage is cumulative from these hits.) The hits are resolved vs. the character’s flatfooted AC due to falling.

The bottom of the pit is covered in 4’ of stagnant swamp water, which seeps through the pit via 4” circular holes along the bottom of the pit. In the water is a swarm of leeches, now just sit back and watch as the bleed damage and the Str, Dex and Con drain from the leeches slowly drains the character(s). We will throw down a rope they say, remember the razor sharp protrusions I say.

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