The Red Fountain (CR *)

This is a another guest entry from Brian Wiborg Mønster, submitted on Adventure-a-Week.

A small shelf on the wall in a dungeon corridor has potions setting on it. There are as many potion bottles as there are characters. These potions are fully working potions of gaseous form. A piece of parchment shows that the 4” holes in the ceiling every 20’ are to be used with the potions in case of emergencies.

Type: magical; Perception DC 28; Disable Device 28

Trigger location; Reset automatic


About 8’ up in the holes, which lead to another level in the dungeon, is a targeted Dispel Magic vs. Gaseous Form. The DC is 16 if using a potion, and the modifier is +8 for the dispel magic roll. The holes all end in a room with an empty fountain, hence the nickname of red fountain when an adventurer tries to fit into the small tube in his normal size.

Alternate version: It also works if the party is following an adversary in the dungeon and the corridor ends with a single hole and the potions give a clue to how the adversary got away, of course he just took the secret door in the wall, but the party will hopefully surmise that he took the hole in the ceiling.

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