Bag of Holding, but not Bearing

This finely crafted bag appears to be able to hold much more than its apparent volume.

Type: magical; Perception -; Disable Device –


This bag functions like a bag of holding in every way except one. When an amount of weight is put into the bag that would be the same as the character’s heavy load, the weight suddenly hits the character once he does an action (skill check, combat, etc) where the load would affect the action.

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6 thoughts on “Bag of Holding, but not Bearing

  1. Does Disable Device remove the load restriction & create a normal BoH? Or, does it render the entire bag non-magical in holding capacity?

  2. Since there is no Disable Device difficulty, it can’t be changed.

    • This finely crafted bag appears to be able to hold much more than its apparent volume.

      Type: magical; Perception -; Disable Device –

      This is where I got the idea it could be disabled.
      Perhaps as an auto success simply for being able to figure out that it was even an option, that it would become obvious to the character as to how to do it successfully. Or perhaps the DC is set by something related to the carrying capacity of the owner/holder of the bag, or their strength score.
      I.E. A person possessing the bag with a strength score of 12 would need to succeed on a DC “#” (12+half level rounded up perhaps) Disable Device.
      No matter the way the DC is figured; if it is allowed… what would the resulting effect on the bag be? If the check is not intended to be allowed, then perhaps we should exclude it’s being referenced on the item in its entirety.

  3. any thoughts on what the DC to not fall/sink/stumble? like base DC10 with +1 per 10lb in the bag? since i would guess it would be a Str based check… or reflex, also would this show up with a Cursed aura?

    • It should act like a normal cursed item. You could have a check to not fall, stumble, etc, and I’d guess it would be a DC 5 or 10, with a die modifier equal to the negative modifier due to weight just like the skill related checks.

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