Magic Missile Vineyard (CR 11)

The grapes on the vines seem plump and ripe

Type: magical; Perception DC 35; Disable Device 35

Trigger location; Reset None


Each vine has a bunch of grapes that are magic missiles. If someone wanders into the vineyard without the correct amulet, they will be hit by magic missiles. Every 30 feet there will be 5 missiles that will be evenly distributed amongst the party. Magic Missile x 5 (1d4 + 1 damage); multiple targets (all targets within 30 feet)

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2 thoughts on “Magic Missile Vineyard (CR 11)

  1. now is this every 30 feet there will be another bunch of grapes? or every 30 feet traveled they draw 5 missiles? if its every 30 feet traveled then it would be too easy to just fireball the trap and it wouldn’t do more then the initial 5x missiles… or am i reading this wrong?

  2. Every 30 feet they get hit by 5 missiles from a random clump of grapes. I guess you could raze the entire vineyard…

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