Hells Bells (CR 11)

For today’s extrapaganza, I decided a haunt was in order.

When you enter the room, you hear a small, haunting chime of several bells.

XP 12,800; N haunt (special)

Caster Level 10th; Notice Perception DC 35 (to locate bells); HP 49

Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day


When this haunt is triggered, several bells ring. This causes all of the characters to make a DC 30 Will Save or lose 1 Wisdom permanently. Afterwards, once per day, the bells will ring and the characters will hear it, no matter where they are. Only destroying the bells will stop the attacks.


The bells can be destroyed easily, but they must be found, which requires a DC 35 Perception check while in the room. The haunt cannot be destroyed by reducing its HP, as it is neutral.

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