Cement Tumbler Corridor

Here is another installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

Almost everyday I see a truck from Central Concrete driving down the street.

The characters enter a cylindrical corridor, sloped downward. The floor contains gravel and sand. As the characters make their way down the corridor, it starts to first slowly fill up with water, which happens to be filled with nastiness. Soon after, the corridor begins to rotate, sending water, sand, gravel and characters flying. Slowly, the heat begins to build up, and the sand and gravel form a concrete-like substance, trapping the characters.



D&D 4e:

Detecting the Trap



Very Hard Perception check.

same as PFRPG




Very Hard Fortitude Save or take 1d6 Con damage. Continue to take 1 Con damage per round for 6 rounds or until successful Save.

Very High Bonus Attack vs. Fortitude or take ongoing 1d4 Con damage. (save ends)




Very High Bonus Attack vs. flat-footed AC or take APL * 1d4 damage per round.

Very High Bonus Attack vs. AC or take APL * 1d4 damage per round.




Hard Survival Check or take 1d6 * APL damage per round.

Ongoing 5 per tier fire damage.




Hard Strength Check each round or become immobilized. If immobilized for 3 consecutive rounds, character is permanently stuck in concrete and must do 50HP of damage to hardness 10 concrete to escape.

same as PFRPG

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