April Fool’s Week ExTRAPaganza

Here is a special April Fool’s Week installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

In the spirit of April Fool’s Week, here’s a string of pranks to pull on your players. If you can successfully get to the end before they start threatening to leave the table, let us know!

NB: As these are not expected to have any lasting consequences on the in-game reality, no stats will be provided – roll whatever dice produce the psychological effect you need at the time.

Trap 1

It starts with a door. A large door, wide as the whole room, that you have mentioned is an exit from the current room. What you haven’t mentioned is that the door is in the floor, not the wall, and when it is opened the party falls through to the next room.If the person who opened it tries to hang onto the handle, it falls out.

Trap 2

The floor is bare and there is only a single door in the room where they land. The door is electrified, its handle is razor-edged and coated in poison, and turning the handle also results in a spear trap shooting up into the squares adjacent to the door. The safest way out is to walk around the door, because the walls are illusions. (Alternatively, there are no walls at all; you told them there was only a single door here, after all.)

Trap 3

The next room has a trapdoor in the floor; be as subtle or obvious about the italics as you like. Beyond an archway is another room with a hatch in the floor. Opening the latch of either causes the floor to fall away while the hatch stays in place, Wile E. Coyote-style. The door contains several immovable rods, and the latch is allowing the door to take the weight of the floor; without the latch, the floor just falls.

Trap 4

The PCs are dumped into a stone room with a nice big rich-looking treasure chest. The chest is a mimic, the floor is a trapper (floor mimic), and the ceiling is a lurker above (ceiling mimic). The door is another mimic (they can do that), and on the other side of it is a near-impossible-to-spot gelatinous cube. An undead mime enacts “walking into the wind” on the other side of the cube.

Grand Finale

If you have reached this point successfully, congratulations! Begin to award loot for the defeat of the monsters and then say “suddenly it all goes wavy and your vision starts to fade… and you wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette”.

And if the “it was all just a dream” ending doesn’t have them hurling dice, congratulations! You have some seriously good-natured players.

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