April Fool’s Week trap 4: Don’t touch that knob!

A single day of devious trickery – er, that is to say, creative subversion of player assumptions – was never going to be enough for this blog. This week, a series of traps that will really mess with your players. Most are in fact so ridiculously rotten that their best use is to spring them, howl with laughter at the ensuing shrieks of outrage, and then retcon the traps out of existence once you’ve had your fun, lest your players mount an open revolt.

Another trap in the “Well, if you wanted to know, you should have asked” school, this trap involves the PCs coming upon a door. After describing the door, you mention that there is a hole in the door where the handle should be. Somewhere nearby is a curiously ornate crystal knob on a stick; the stick looks like it would fit into the hole.

What you’re not mentioning is that the “stick” is several feet long; it is in fact a wizard’s staff. The wizard is present and invisible, and reacts to anyone trying to touch his staff by blasting them with lightning. (Alternatively the staff is intelligent and animated, with the same result.)

The staff genuinely is the key to the door – it’s just that it’s also a fully armed and operational wizard’s staff.

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