April Fool’s Week trap 2: The Right Knight

A single day of devious trickery – er, that is to say, creative subversion of player assumptions – was never going to be enough for this blog. This week, a series of traps that will really mess with your players. Most are in fact so ridiculously rotten that their best use is to spring them, howl with laughter at the ensuing shrieks of outrage, and then retcon the traps out of existence once you’ve had your fun, lest your players mount an open revolt.

The right knight

This trap requires a bit of setup. Previously in the adventure the PCs must be told that the “white knight” will save them.

They then find themselves trapped in a chamber that’s rapidly becoming lethal (gas, falling ceiling or floor, or whatever takes your fancy). On one of the walls are a series of portraits of various warlike figures, from left to right:

  • an undead warrior with mouldering flesh and a long spear mounted on a zombie horse
  • a battlemage with brilliant light blazing from her hands
  • a winter wolf (large white wolf) snarling out from the frame
  • a male warrior in shining steel plate brandishing sword and board
  • a foppish, flabby courtier in richly-coloured court clothes

Using any sort of trap-hacking skill, or previously placed hints, indicate that there is a hidden button in the frame of each painting. Pushing the right one will deactivate the trap and open an exit. Pushing any of the others will result in an acceleration of the danger.

The correct painting button is in the frame of the mounted undead warrior – who is, of course, a wight knight.

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