Density Trap

Level 3 Lurker
XP 150

 A small, well-built bridge crosses the deep chasm in front of you.

Trap: A character that crosses the center of the bridge suddenly becomes far more dense, collapsing the bridge.


DC 25: There are an unusually high amount of dead bugs in the center of the bridge.

DC 30: A small rune is engraved on one of the nails in the bridge.


The trap is triggered when a character reaches the midpoint of the bridge. It sets off a spell which increases the density of living tissue by an order of magnitude. Note that a 10-foot pole will not set off the trap, it must be living tissue.


Immediate Reaction Melee    

Target: Single character at center of bridge

Attack: +6 vs. Fortitude

Hit: Target becomes 10x as dense (save ends), and the bridge collapses as a secondary attack. The affected character is prone, stunned and immobilized until the density effect ends.

Miss: No effect

Secondary Target: All characters on bridge

Attack: +6 vs. Reflex

Hit: Standard falling damage

Miss: The character is pushed to the nearest square next to the bridge and is knocked prone.

Effect: The bridge is destroyed


A DC 25 Thievery check can negate the trap.

Upgrade to Elite (300 XP)

Increase Thievery and Perception checks by 2 and Attack bonuses by 1. Damage taken from falling is increased by +3 per party level due to sharp rocks.

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