It’s Better to Just Fall Trap

Here is another installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

This trap layers illusion and deception to deadly effect.

The first part of the trap involves a door, which should open inwards towards the character. There is a deep, circular shaft on the other side of the door. However, this is hidden by an illusion of another room, a hallway or whatever is suitable for the location.

The illusion is dispelled if the plane of the doorway is broken. At this point, the vertical drop shaft is revealed, requiring a Reflex or equivalent check to avoid falling down the shaft. The shaft itself has a ladder constructed of several iron rungs embedded into the side of the shaft, all within easy reach of the falling character. However, the rungs are actually razor-sharp blades, painted to disguise their true property.

At the bottom of the shaft is a pile of bones and corpses. Scattered about the edges of the shaft are fingers, toes, and small bones; evidence of those that were quick enough to catch themselves on the rungs.



D&D 4e:




To spot the doorway illusion

Moderate Perception

As for PFRPG

To spot the rung blades

Very Hard Perception

As for PFRPG




To avoid falling down the shaft

Hard Reflex save

Trap attacks, +(Level/2+5) vs Reflex: Hit the character suffers effects listed under falling; Miss the character does not fall.

To avoid damage from rungs

Very Hard Reflex save

+(Level/2 +10) vs. Reflex: Hit the rungs damage the character; Miss the character takes no damage from rungs




Falling: forcible relocation to the area below

As described

As described

+ standard falling damage, plus optional extras depending on area below

1d6 per 10 ft.; see core rules or here for extras

1d6 per 10 ft.; see DMG and DMG2 for extras

Catching the rungs

4d6, plus additional 1d3 Dex and 1d2 Con damage

(Level/3+1)d6 damage, plus character is weakened and takes 5 ongoing damage per tier (save ends both). 

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