Carpet and Sconce Trap (CR 3)

Type magic; Perception DC 27; Disable Device DC 27

Trigger location; Reset none

Effect When a character steps onto the carpet that runs down the middle of the hallway, it rolls itself up, trapping the character inside and dealing 1d6 damage. (DC 18 Reflex save negates) The character inside the carpet is pinned. (escape takes one full-round with a DC 20 Escape Artist or Strength check) Once the carpet had rolled up, the entire corridor is filled as if a Web spell has been cast at DC 12 for its effects. Once the character frees himself, or if anyone enters the web, the sconces leak oil into the webbing, setting the entire corridor ablaze and dealing 2d4 damage to all characters within the webbed area. After 1 round of being alight, the webs are destroyed and the fire is extinguished.

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