Call of Cthulhu

Old Pentagram

The floor in this room is very dusty. If the characters make a successful Spot Hidden check, they will see that the dust covers an elaborate pentagram painted in the center of the room. If they do not notice this, and walk through it, they will summon a minor monster.

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You’re Not Cleansed till You’ve Been Cthughan Cleansed

Brightly colored ad copy displays clothes being cleaned by flames. Catchy slogans line the page, as do an impeccably dressed housewife. Those  reading the as must make a Power roll. If successful, they summon a tiny bit of Cthugha into the world. Everyone in the area must make a CON X 5 or less on a d100. If they fail, they take 1 flame damage per round until they flee the area. Additionally, they behold the essence of Cthugha and must make a SAN check or lose 1d10 SAN. If successfull, they still lose 1d2.

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Yul Tide Cheer

There appears to be a large side of meat roasting on a spit in the very large gothic fireplace. Closer inspection shows that on the side of the spit is a set of antlers and a red nose, and a burnt sack of wrapped boxes. The character must make a SAN check. If he fails, he loses 1d4 SAN and is compelled to eat the plate of cookies and milk set near the fireplace, which causes 1d6 damage .

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Wax Cylinder of Yith

Playing this wax cylinder produces an un-earthly tone that causes the listener(s) to become susceptible to becoming possessed by the Great Race. The character must make a SAN check, or become possessed, travelling back in time into the body of one of the Great Race while the Yithian takes over his body for 1d4+1 years, effectively ending player control of that character during that time.

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Telescope of the Void

Looking through this finely crafted bronze telescope reveals the futility of the struggle against  the Old Ones as the scope of the Universe is revealed. The character that looks through this glass must make a SAN check or lose 2d10 SAN.

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Snaking Staircase

This spiral staircase snakes around an ornate support column. Several small precious stones adorn the column and the bannister, inlaid into intricate carvings. As the characters climb the staircase, the carvings come to life, becoming snakes, with the stones as their eyes. The bannister writhes madly. Each character on the staircase must make a SAN check or lose 1d3 SAN. Additionally, each character must also make an STR 12 vs. SIZ check, or lose their balance and tumble off the staircase, taking 1d6 damage per 10 feet fallen.

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The Autobiography

This leather bound tome has an intricate faceplate, made of silver. Closer inspection reveals it to be an engraving of the reader. If the book is read, it is an autobiography of the reader, and is completely accurate and up to date. However, it is more than just up to date, it also reveals the future, including the death of the reader. If the character reads about his own death, he must make a SAN check or lose 1d10 SAN.

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